Nettie Alevropoulos-Borrill

I’m a postgraduate researcher using molecular modelling to look at DNA-binding proteins. My research investigates the mechanism of proteins involved in DNA replication, such as the E1 papillomavirus helicase. I’m also interested in science outreach and education. I run Physics of Life outreach events throughout the year, and have presented at the IOP 2nd Physics Education for the 21st Century Conference.

George Watson

I’m a PhD student using molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the interaction of proteins with torsionally stressed DNA. This is an important epigentic regulatory mechanism in bacteria and viruses that isn’t currently well understood.

Victor Velasco Berrelleza

I am a PhD student investigating the elastic properties of DNA through the analysis of molecular dynamics simulations. Understanding these properties will help us to further understand how biological process work, such as DNA transcription, replication, histone wrapping, etc.

Elliot Chan

I’m a PhD student investigating recognition of DNA sequences by proteins with the use of molecular dynamics simulations. Protein-DNA specificity underlines the fundamental basis through which proteins perform their myriad of roles within organisms.

Matthew Burman

I am a PhD student investigating the multi-scale structure of DNA strands using statistical models. Understanding the function of DNA of multiple length scales is important when trying to ascertain how gene expression is controlled and changed by both proteins and the external environment.