Welcome to our page! This website provides information and research updates relating to Agnes Noy’s research group and their publications. Our interests focus on DNA topology and protein-DNA interactions using modelling techniques.

We are always keen in hearing from talented and motivated scientists interested in our research, please get in touch!


October 2020: Agnes Noy gave a talk at the launch of the 3rd Physics of Life Network funded by the research councils. Huge involvement from the York Physics of Life group, with Tom McLeish as a chair and Mark Leake as a speaker, also celebrating the opening of a new building dedicated to the research at the biological physics interface.

October 2020: George Watson gave a virtual talk at the internal seminar series organized by the YBRI at York. Great discussion with biologists at the University of York

September 2020: Our program SerraNA is published at Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. in collaboration with Ramin Golestanian (Max Planck, Gottingen) and Mark Leake. Great job of Victor Velasco-Berrelleza!

July 2020: Our paper in collaboration with Tung Le (John Innes Center, Norwich, UK) is out at Cell Reports. Great job of Elliot Chan in running complementary simulations of the crystallographic structures.

May 2020: Keeping our research alive through virtual coffee breaks!

December 2019: The Physics of Life Christmas dinner! As Mark Leake tweet, a truly awesome collective!

And we took the chance of making another group pic because we didn’t have any with Matt, although we missed Nettie, the other girl in the clan. Well, we have an excuse for making one on the next event!

December 2019: Our lab and the rest of the Physics of Life group is moving to a new building! From now on, you will find us in Genesis 3 at the York Science Park next to the University of York.

September 2019: George, Nettie, and Victor attended the 7th annual CCPBioSim Conference in Bristol.

July 2019: We welcome Matthew Burman to the lab to do his PhD with us!

June 2019: We all attended the 6th Molecular Microbiology meeting. We presented posters and gave a talk. The conference was also the 1st day of Elliot Chan in our lab! He will do his MSc with us.

June 2019: Biophysics away day. Researchers, postgraduates and academics from the Physics of Life group at the University of York Physics of Life researchers, postgraduates and academics tackling the greatest questions of the field.

June 19: We were DNA Detectives at the York Festival of Ideas

May 2019: Agnes gave a talk and engaged with the audience during the Pint of Science event at the Pivni pub at York. Here, you can see a genome being symbolize as a ball of wool.

November 2018: Members of our group together with other postgrads from the Physics of Life group in their stand at the YorNight annual event. You could see DNA and other biomolecules using Virtual Reality!